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Great Lakes Asset Solutions LLC (Great Lakes) is a contingency based firm offering repossession services on commercial accounts. Founded in 2015 by industry veteran Brandon Marvin and a select few associates with whom he had worked prior, Great Lakes has grown by over 600 percent into a thirty five person company.  One thing however has not changed.  Almost every associate at Great Lakes has either been known to Brandon or has come personally recommended by someone already in the family. Each employee is a family member who can be trusted by Great Lakes and by you.


Great Lakes maintains a nationwide network of commercial repossession firms ranging from simple tow operators to commercial salvage experts, all dedicated to providing outstanding recovery service at a reasonable price. This network is dispatched by our repossession administrators from our offices along the banks of the historic Erie Canal. Insurance and licensing adherence is monitored through our office and agents are dispatched according to both geographical and logistical suitability.


Why is this important to you? You may have a piece of collateral to be recovered and believe it to be in Plains, Georgia. You might contract with a repossession agent there, confirm that the agent is registered and licensed according to state and local law and send that agent out to retrieve your collateral, only to find that the unit has been moved or driven to Roanoke, Virginia.  You now need to go through the entire process again and hope the asset hasn’t moved again.


Through our centralized system, we work with hundreds of agents nationwide, monitoring their insurance and licensing, and dispatching them to locate and recover your collateral.  If the asset moves to another location, we simply change agents, meaning no delay for you.  If we don’t locate your collateral, there’s no charge to you

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